About Me and Bubblegum

About Me and Bubblegum

Im Amy Owner of Bubblegum piercing & aesthetics.

It all started as an Emo kid with pink & black hair (ITS NOT A PHASE), thats where my interest in tattoos & piercings began. From going to some shady places & collecting some self done piercings i'm surprised I have an ear! But we live & we learn!  I always knew piercing was what I wanted to do but its a hard industry to get into if you want to do it right & sometimes life gets in the way.

After studying beauty therapy at college, working a number of different jobs and going to Uni to study social work I knew piercing was still what I wanted to do.

I saw that a reputable studio had an opening for an apprenticeship, so I applied and luckily I got it! I learnt so much and am so grateful for everything I was taught. I attended many conferences and seminars about piercing learning everything I could, to make sure I offered the best service for the customers. I also went on the best courses I could find to train in aesthetics which is another passion of mine.

Fast forward 7 years and with my children a bit older I decided to take the plunge & open my own little place 'Bubblegum'. An independent studio I opened in July 2023 located in Mill yard in Bedford. I have done my best to make Bubblegum an inviting & safe space for ALL to come.

Whether you are a piercing pro or a complete newbie you are welcome here.